Liz started her serious art training at the Los Angeles Art Center School at the age of 17, studying advertising design and illustration. She later attended the University of Houston for fine art.  She feels her commercial training as well as her fine art work prepared her well to pursue whatever her creativity lead her to do.  
She started as many with oil painting, but once she started working with water media she was hooked.  The addition of collage only further excited her .
She has drawn at model sessions for years, something she thinks is mandatory if you wish to do any kind of figure work.  She has extended her collage work to landscapes and recently did a collection of collaged waterbirds with paper she handmade in a class in the Heights.  She will do another pursuing asian papers this summer.  
Notice  the rich surfaces she enjoys making, feeling the texture produced and drawing you into her world. 
Contact Liz with questions or inquiries at  She always enjoys hearing from anyone interested in her work.  She sells online as well as locally in Houston, and has shown in many galleries.